How it works

Getting started is easy!  Just create your free profile and start connecting and interacting with administrators, teachers, and coaches across the country!

By telling our system what states you can teach in and what subjects and grades you are eligible to teach, we can then use that data to allow admins to do targeted searches for exactly the right teacher or coach to fit their requirements.

You’ll also get your own home page that includes a live feed filled with lots of great info geared towards your profile. Once you have enough connections, that live feed will be powered by the posts of your friends, connections, and groups you follow.

As an admin, you can start searching for teachers and coaches right away to fill current and upcoming vacancies.  We know that with job postings, admins usually still have to spend countless hours filtering out a large percentage of the job post replies due to a mismatch between candidate interests, teaching requirements, and coaching expertise.  At Sophosi, we want you to be able to do a specific, targeted search for the exact teaching and coaching requirements that are needed!

Of course, we still recommend posting your job openings on the site so the right candidates can proactively find you, as well as for compliance purposes (if applicable).

Once you have your profile created, we recommend adding as much relevant info about your experience as possible, including credentials, coaching expertise, academic subjects, and more.  The more complete your profile, the greater the likelihood that you’ll be found by admins looking to fill coaching and teaching jobs, as well as finding jobs that fit your credentials and interests!

Are you currently a student or in another profession and considering teaching or coaching?  One great feature of Sophosi is the ability to start establishing relationships with admins early, even before you’re ready (or certified) to hop in and start teaching.  Similar to current teachers, just create your profile and add in relevant info.  Then search for administrators and school districts that interest you, and get started making connections!


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